Today, we are pleased to announce the availability of new version of Scala based Git centric software development platform GitBucket 4.36.0!

Tag selector in the repository viewer

You can now select even tags in the branch selector of the repository viewer.

Tag selector

Previously, a notation like #123 is rendered as a link to the issue/pull request in the same repository, but now user/repo#123 is also rendered as link to the issue/pull request in the different repository.

Link issue in the diffrenet repository

Files and lines can be linked in the diff view

Each file in the diff view now has an identifier can be linked as follows:

Link to file in the diff view

Link to line in the diff view

Option to disable XSS protection

A new repository-wide option to disable XSS protection has been introduced. GitBucket doesn’t render some types of files (e.g. *.svg) on the repository viewer by default to prevent XSS. By disable this protection, GitBucket can render any types of files. This feature is useful if you want to put such an image stored in the repository on your document or website. Please don’t disable this XSS protection in the public environment.

Disable XSS protection

This release also includes various improvements and bug fixes. See all closed issues in 4.36.0 to know details.

Enjoy GitBucket!