Today, we are pleased to announce the availability of new version of Scala based Git centric software development platform GitBucket 4.33.0!

All CLI options are configurable by environment variables

For Docker use case, etc. GitBucket can be configured by the environment variables. For example, database configuration is done in GITBUCKET_HOME/database.conf normally but also you can give these configurations via environment variables (or system properties).

In addition to them, now you can configure the following items currently they can be specified by only CLI options or the system properties.

  • GITBUCKET_MAXFILEZIE: Max size of uploaded files (bytes, default is 3MB)
  • GITBUCKET_UPLOADTIMEOUT: Timeout for file uploading (msec, default is 30 secs)
  • GITBUCKET_PLUGINDIR: Extra directory for plugins (default is undefined)
  • GITBUCKET_VALIDATE_PASSWORD: Whether to validate password, if false you can use any chars in password (default is true)

Folding pull request files

You can now fold/unfold pull request files at the compare view. This is convenient for reviewing large pull requests.

Fold pull request files

WebHook security options

New option to reject access to private addresses by WebHook is now available. You can allow WebHook to access internal resources by IP whitelist even if you enabled this option.

Fold pull request files

Add assignee and assignees properties to some Web APIs’ response

In the following Web API, assignee and assignees properties are now available in the response.

In addition, this release contains some improvements and bug fixes. See all closed issues in 4.33.0 to know details.

Enjoy GitBucket!