Today, we are pleased to announce the availability of new version of Scala based Git centric software development platform GitBucket 4.30.0!

Automatic ChangeLog Summary generation for new Releases

You can generate ChangeLog summary for a release from Git commit log between the release tag and its previous tag. By clicking “Insert ChangeLog” button at the release form, ChangeLog summary is inserted into the description of the release. Even if the previous tag isn’t actual previous release, you can choose it from existing Git tags by hand.

Generate ChangeLog

Web API updates

A lot of Web API has been added in this release. Here is the list of them:

Group support in the Gist Plugin

Gist plugin is now support groups. You can create snippets for your groups from the group account page.

Create group snippet

Checkboxes in Markdown files in Git repositories

In GitBucket, a following notation in Markdown is rendered as checkboxes but it had worked for only the description of issues and pull requests. Since this release, this rendering works for also Markdown files in Git repositories.

- [ ] checkbox1
- [ ] checkbox2

Render checkboxes in Markdown

Redirection to the Release Page from the Activity Timeline

Releases in the activity timeline are now linked to each release page.

Link to releases from the activity timeline

New extension point for plugins

A new extension point for plugins: anonymousAccessiblePaths has been added in this release. This extension point allows plugins providing public pages without any authentication if GitBucket is configured as private mode.

In addition, this release contains some improvements and bug fixes. See all closed issues in this release to know details.

Enjoy GitBucket!