Today, we are pleased to announce the availability of new version of Scala based Git centric software development platform GitBucket 4.15.0!

Bundle GitBucket organization plugins

Following plugins are bundled with the GitBucket distribution:

These plugins can be enabled / disabled in the administration console:

Bindled plugins

Notifications plugin

E-mail notification is separated as gitbucket-notifications-plugin and it’s bundled with the GitBucket distribution. This plugin offers capability to turn onn / off e-mail notifications for each project or issue / pull request.

Watch project

Watch issue or pull request

Plugin hot deployment

You can install or uninstall plugins without rebooting GitBucket. You can install plugins by just putting a plugin jar file into GITBUCKET_HOME/plugins, and uninstall by removing a plugin jar file.

Also --plugin_dir option has been added for plugin development. GitBucket can load plugins from a directory which is specified by this option. When you are developing a plugin, we recommend to run GitBucket as follows:

$ java -jar gitbucket.war --plugin_dir=<YOUR_PLUGIN_PROJECT_DIR>/target/scala-2.12

and run sbt to build your plugin as:

$ sbt ~package

Then sbt packages your plugin when you modify source code and GitBucket reloads it automatically. Copying a jar file to the plugin directory or restarting GitBucket is no longer necesarry to test your plugin.

Updated Slick to 3.2.1 from 3.2.0

Slick (a database access library used in GitBucket) is updated to 3.2.1 from 3.2.0.

For plugin authors: This version of Slick has no binary compatibility with a previous version, so many existing GitBucket plugins whould not work on GitBucket 4.15.0. Please update you plugins by rebuilding with GitBucket 4.15.0.

Support ed25519 keys for SSH

ed25519 keys are now supported for git access via SSH.

Markdown preview in comment editing forms

So far, new issue or comment forms were preview-able, but editing forms were just a textarea. In this release, these textareas became preview-able as well.

Editing forms became previewable

In addition, this release contains some improvements and bug fix. See all closed issues in this release to know details.

Enjoy GitBucket!