Note: GitBucket 4.2.1 is available. This is hotfix for a critical bug in migration. If you are new installation, use 4.2.0. But if you have an existing installation and it had been updated to 4.0 from 3.x, you must update to 4.2.1.

Today, we are pleased to announce the availability of new version of Scala based Git platform GitBucket 4.2!

New UI based on AdminLTE

UI refreshing is still ongoing. AdminLTE is graceful admin control panel theme for Bootstrap. In GitBucket 4.2, this AdminLTE is fully applied to GitBucket UI.

AdminLTE based New UI

git gc

git gc is available at the repository settings page:

git gc

Toggle repository features

Issues and Wiki are possible to be disabled at the repository settings page:

Toggle repository features

If you are using external ITS or Wiki, you can link to them from “Issues” or “Wiki” in the side menu of the repository by putting these URL at the repository settings page above.

SMTP configuration test

You can send a test mail to specified address to validate SMTP configuration:

Send test mail

In addition, this release contains some improvements and bug fix. See all closed issues in this release to know details.

Enjoy GitBucket!