Today, we are pleased to announce the availability of new version of Scala based Git platform GitBucket 3.14 and 4.0!

GitBucket 4.0 is same as 3.14 except external database support. 3.14 is the final release of 3.x series and we will release only 4.x series after this release.

Note: You can upgrade to GitBucket 4.0 from 3.14. If your GitBucket is 3.13 or before, you have to upgrade 3.14 at first.

File attachment and search for wiki pages

File attachment is available for wiki pages.

File attachment in wiki

And the repository search box also works for wiki pages.

Search for wiki pages

New extension points to add menus

New extension points to add menus are available:

  • Global header menu
  • Repository menu
  • Repository setting tab
  • User profile tab
  • System setting menu
  • Account setting menu
  • Dashboard tab

Plug-ins can add menu items or tabs using these extension points. See Plugin class of gitbucket-gist-plugin as an example of usage of these extension points. And note that Plugin is now switched to abstract class from trait to improve binary compatibility of plug-ins.

Content-Type of webhooks

Content-Type of webhooks are choosable at the webhook configuration.

Configure webhook Content-Type

MySQL and PostgreSQL support (experimental)

GitBucket 4.0 supports MySQL and PostgreSQL as external database.

GitBucket have been using embedded H2 database until 3.x series. However we’ve heard troubles of breaking data in H2 from some GitBucket users. It’s not suitable to store important data. In 4.0, GitBucket supports MySQL and PostgreSQL, not only default embedded H2 database.

See the wiki page to know how to configure GitBucket for external databases and migrate from existing H2 database.

For plug-in developers

Database migration system is replaced with solidbase in GitBucket 4.0. Therefore if your plugin contains database migration scripts, you have to replace them with solidbase way. See gitbucket-gist-plugin’s Plugin class and migration scripts as an example.

In addition, 3.14 and 4.0 contains some improvements and bug fix. See all closed issues in this release to know details.

Enjoy GitBucket!